Bro.. I almost didn't even watch this video.. this video is absolutely insane, this kid Emoni Bates is the TRUTH boy he is IT. NAME ME ONE 10TH GRADER WE'VE EVER SEEN BETTER THAN THIS KID
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  • Tj W
    Tj W22 days ago

    Overreacting at its finest

  • Marcus Joseph
    Marcus Joseph24 days ago

    He’s not near mpj level

  • RTG Abdi
    RTG AbdiMonth ago

    God got favorites I swear 😭 these kids way too talented

  • Caden Gramlich
    Caden GramlichMonth ago

    Our school locked him up

  • Christian Rembert
    Christian Rembert3 months ago

    I play for the bates aau team

  • MKZ3
    MKZ35 months ago

    Osn u on some heavy ds Rn

  • Elijah Carter
    Elijah Carter6 months ago

    Osn u gotta watch Jalen green

  • Niko Grizzley
    Niko Grizzley8 months ago

    Emoni the best one I’ve seen too

  • Jackob Guimond
    Jackob Guimond8 months ago

    Watch Josh Christopher

  • Treycoyne12
    Treycoyne128 months ago

    Bronnys squad would kill them. Don’t talk reckless

  • Davis Kaiser
    Davis Kaiser8 months ago


  • Tim London
    Tim London8 months ago

    Gotta react to Emoni Bates most recent video on ballislife. He the chosen one 📈

  • Andrew Inman
    Andrew Inman8 months ago

    Bruh I’m tryna watch the vid this man just standin there💀takin up the whole screen

  • Demetrius Jordan
    Demetrius Jordan9 months ago

    Watch Dior Johnson

  • Tyris TV
    Tyris TV9 months ago

    He needs to watch jalen green 😂

  • Tae72JW
    Tae72JW9 months ago

    Did anybody else catch that bounce pass alley-oop at 4:27? It didn't count though

  • Chase Braxton
    Chase Braxton9 months ago

    This video didn’t say the kids name but this is emoni bates right

  • Belofonte Henley
    Belofonte Henley9 months ago

    LaMelo would kill him

  • Chandler Royalty
    Chandler Royalty9 months ago

    He's sick but best high schooler you've seen? Sophomore Lebron would eat this kids lunch lol

  • Shad Ruth
    Shad Ruth9 months ago

    Must haven’t seen lebron lol

  • Alex Jackson
    Alex Jackson9 months ago

    Lamelo is better

  • Casey Hargrove
    Casey Hargrove9 months ago

    u need to repost this with a shirt on and sittin down the whole time brodie . pause !

  • Ayo Kev
    Ayo Kev9 months ago

    This the kid they compared to KD

  • QDot102Shanroc
    QDot102Shanroc9 months ago

    He got skill but that is definitely against a jv squad lol

  • loswitthemost33 jj
    loswitthemost33 jj9 months ago

    Finally hip to to the midwest assassin

  • ToSmooveCurtis
    ToSmooveCurtis9 months ago

    Josh christopher

  • ToSmooveCurtis
    ToSmooveCurtis9 months ago

    Jalen green

  • SAF_lilyungstar 42
    SAF_lilyungstar 429 months ago

    Go look at Isaiah ward's mix tape San Antonio future

  • Heartbreaker So
    Heartbreaker So9 months ago

    This vid was trash tbh all he did was a hesi jumper for basically the entire game

  • Yhuc
    Yhuc9 months ago

    he already ran bronnys squad i think u watched em goof

  • Marlon2K NBA
    Marlon2K NBA9 months ago

    i agree

  • AceeeOfSpadezz
    AceeeOfSpadezz9 months ago

    You must not know who sharife cooper is..

  • Keenan Schartz
    Keenan Schartz9 months ago

    Lamelo would kick his ass

  • Macdad18
    Macdad189 months ago

    Bro I’m friends with number 2

  • Istew 35
    Istew 359 months ago

    Bro watch Cassius Stanley

  • AlonzoRonzo
    AlonzoRonzo9 months ago


  • Azare Williams
    Azare Williams9 months ago

    Number three on the black team was low key going crazy

    DILLY BARS9 months ago

    He not better then Nico mannion

  • YN OZ
    YN OZ9 months ago

    React to jimma gatwetch and Isaiah Todd

  • Cryptic Snipez
    Cryptic Snipez9 months ago

    Watch jalen green

  • DaKare Spicer
    DaKare Spicer9 months ago

    He putting Michigan on the map🐐

  • Ace Tarantino
    Ace Tarantino9 months ago

    #facts he a put melo on skates ‼️

  • Mac Bowie
    Mac Bowie9 months ago

    This lil Brotha Game is Durant's x2 mind you his is just a Child in Highschool 🕵🏼‍♂️🗣️ Durant comparison is on Point Even his Build is exactly like Durant's, That dribble package with the Step Bacc Jumper is Durant's favorite Move! 🕵🏼‍♂️🗣️ If he gains some muscle Mass he could go to the NBA Rt Now!!! He is ready CuHz 🕵🏼‍♂️💯💪🏾

  • Seakid YaDig
    Seakid YaDig9 months ago

    This kid is good but be real he would get destroyed in the nba

  • Jake Chris
    Jake Chris9 months ago

    upload myteam again. we all want it along with what youre doing

  • James Allen
    James Allen9 months ago

    React to Nashon Hyland brotha

  • Anthony Jackson
    Anthony Jackson9 months ago

    Were is his Defense??

  • No-Limit Jxmez
    No-Limit Jxmez9 months ago

    it's fucking hard to imagine how insanely good emoni bates will be in senior year like holy shit

  • AHPS 2018
    AHPS 20189 months ago

    Does anybody know what's going on with what lamelo ball

  • Adam Smith
    Adam Smith9 months ago

    He reminded me of a young KD.

  • Noah Swaggy
    Noah Swaggy9 months ago

    Why some highschool kid dunking make osn take his shirt off. Lmao

  • Ayo Fro
    Ayo Fro9 months ago

    He can’t use his left, but he’s nice asf tho.

  • King _ Bishop15
    King _ Bishop159 months ago

    Ying Ying Ying 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • King _ Bishop15
    King _ Bishop159 months ago

    Still Have That Hat Sheesh

  • Ivan Mason
    Ivan Mason9 months ago

    Y’all sleep on Dior Johnson 🔥💥

  • Shenekiaaa #Fortnite #Mobile #IOS
    Shenekiaaa #Fortnite #Mobile #IOS9 months ago

    Black team going into town on they ass.... what you mean????

  • Shenekiaaa #Fortnite #Mobile #IOS
    Shenekiaaa #Fortnite #Mobile #IOS9 months ago

    He nice but no where near Lebron 😂😂😂😂 sorry

  • Slump God
    Slump God9 months ago

    We ain’t gone pretend like the other team was cutting they ass almost through the whole videos 🤣

  • Tim Dulin
    Tim Dulin9 months ago

    This is at my highschool!! Churchill high school in Livonia Michigan

  • Christhian Soza
    Christhian Soza9 months ago

    He won't play in the NBA

  • vamps_hill
    vamps_hill9 months ago

    Dawg... get tf out the middle of the screen

  • Drew Hampton
    Drew Hampton9 months ago

    He will beat melo

  • Krispy 1025
    Krispy 10259 months ago

    Bro what's with you blocking the game so we can see you in your short's what's up with that boy there's kids that watch your interviews bro clean your shit up bro peace be blessed

  • Eric Cecilia
    Eric Cecilia9 months ago

    His defense is rubbish

  • Byus
    Byus9 months ago

    Bruh you way over reacting lolol niggas be extra for the cam for no reason

  • AJ Speed
    AJ Speed9 months ago

    I met him

  • Tay Kai
    Tay Kai9 months ago

    Not lamelo

  • matt mcmeans
    matt mcmeans9 months ago

    He’s not 7 feet he’s 6’9 but this kids the truth

  • Bald Guy
    Bald Guy9 months ago

    Scariest part about emoni is that he has 6 more years to grow with handles like kyrie and a 3 ball like kd i wont be surprise if he ask to be drafted to the nets.🐍

  • Shad Ruth

    Shad Ruth

    9 months ago

    Niketo Edgecombe he cant dribble near kyrie level stop nor shoot like kd he’s good but not that good lol

  • Malik Hearon
    Malik Hearon9 months ago

    Dude is nice 👍🏾

  • AyooTayy
    AyooTayy9 months ago

    Oprah build like a 2k17 mypark character with his shirt off

  • Jack Finerty
    Jack Finerty9 months ago


  • Preme_ Bryan
    Preme_ Bryan9 months ago

    Look at jalen green

  • Ryan Armbruster
    Ryan Armbruster9 months ago

    He got no defense

  • moisethegoat
    moisethegoat9 months ago

    React to josh Christopher

  • Obviously anonymous
    Obviously anonymous9 months ago

    Somebody show osn Mikey Williams

  • // M10567 //
    // M10567 //9 months ago

    Oh sheet I thought you died

  • George Coleman
    George Coleman9 months ago

    This is LSK if he never got injured 💪🏽

  • Real Rap News By Post
    Real Rap News By Post9 months ago

    He like Kobe in his Senior year of high school but he just a sophomore. 👀🏀

  • PrimeTimeMac
    PrimeTimeMac9 months ago

    Oh how I’ve missed you dear friend