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The new Mercedes-Benz GLE is clearly a step up from its predecessor. We have slotted a direct comparison test against the BMW X5 into our calendar, which we're counting down to...
Granted, the bigger optional wheels hurt ride quality, the GLE400d’s six-pot engine is a big step up in cost over the fine 300d, and features such as ventilated seats, a wireless phone charger, and a tyre pressure monitor should really come standard on a $100k-plus vehicle. Moreover, that third seating row is priced at a level that makes it hard to recommend.
However the imposing design outside, gorgeous and high-tech cabin, big back seats, impressive powertrains and quietude all make it an enticing prospect. Given luxury SUV buyers often want the newest thing out there, it’ll lure many people to the Pointed Star brand, not to mention giving existing GLE owners something fresh to hop into.
CarAdvice's Mike Costello has a look at the new GLE at the car's Australian launch.
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  • Mia Phinney
    Mia PhinneyMonth ago

    06:18 02:24 06:36

    ALBERTO CARPENTIER6 months ago

    what color is it?

  • ferkemall
    ferkemall11 months ago

    Prior to buying a Mercedes Benz arange a a lot bigger overdraft with your bank !

  • Frank Luo
    Frank Luo11 months ago

    This is the new low for Car Advice channel and this reviewer should be fired straight away. No passion no emotion, no personal thought on the car being reviewed, no drive no feel, nothing but spec reading. What a crap sorry Mercedes your money not well spent on this ads.

  • troy smith
    troy smith11 months ago


  • Yacine Lebied
    Yacine Lebied11 months ago

    Mercedes gle much better

  • Dukens Saint Vil
    Dukens Saint Vil11 months ago

    Lexus better

  • mike 201314
    mike 20131411 months ago

    Thanks for the INFOMERCIAL, but when will we get a test drive review?

  • Jack Dungca
    Jack Dungca11 months ago

    The most disappointing review I’ve seen from this channel so far. Covered everything like a car catalogue would but didn’t talk about how the car drives on Australian roads. “First Oz Drive” as a title is wrong and misleading.

  • Sabrina Smith
    Sabrina Smith11 months ago

    I think you missed including the review part of the video. All I got was a summary of the spec sheet.

  • coladuna
    coladuna11 months ago

    X5 looks much better

  • Suj Puj
    Suj Puj11 months ago

    more like an ad for mercedes

  • Big Chief
    Big Chief11 months ago

    mercedes design is so obnoxious these days, gaudy !

  • aditya wirtandi
    aditya wirtandi11 months ago

    Beautiful scenery in the countryside area. Where was it filmed?

  • nchia
    nchia11 months ago

    Those centre dash vents look serious!

  • Craig Fleming
    Craig Fleming11 months ago

    It isn't stingy on Mercedes Benz part, by changing more for some things. This car is only $100,000 in Australia because of the luxury car tax, and the weakness of the Australian dollar in comparison, to the Euro. Mercedes Benz would only get around $45 euros for this car

  • bibek karky
    bibek karky11 months ago

    Caradvice and carsguide, both using same mercedes. 1NB7DD vic Reg.

  • David Zhang
    David Zhang11 months ago

    Can this even be called a car review? All features, packages, technologies. How does it drive?

  • rammstevie


    10 months ago

    the vents also change between square and round? WOW

  • Xezatt


    11 months ago

    Its a paid ad.

  • V_ AP
    V_ AP11 months ago

    Terrible QA , i think they fitted the rear bumper onto the front ?

  • KBling
    KBling11 months ago

    As always ‘Car Advice’ great review. Not a car that I would buy and certainly stingy on so many things being optional in such a premium model.

  • jacejai
    jacejai11 months ago

    Wireless phone charging pad on the v167 GLE isn't useful - most phones don't seem to fit, and if you're going to use Carplay/Android Auto anyway (with the sole USB port supporting this next to the charging pad), it seems very pointless. XS Max owners need not bother as well.

  • Jason king
    Jason king11 months ago

    Great review mate. No Matt finish paint on the UK spec 😫

  • Jackson Hiew
    Jackson Hiew11 months ago

    Ugliest rear design ever!

  • dcx


    11 months ago

    I love it.