2021 Mercedes-Benz CLA - German Quality - Crash Test

The 2020-2021 Mercedes-Benz CLA achieved an outstanding outcome, scoring more than 90 percent in 3 of the 4 area of safety assessed by Euro NCAP.
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  • Slasher
    Slasher13 days ago

    4 mercedes AMG line versions crash tested!? My heart...

  • Maxime L'Écuyer
    Maxime L'Écuyer22 days ago

    Pedestrian safety ! Never crossed your mind that if we need the cars to protect us , it's because our brain did not anymore XD !

  • Misterworldwide
    Misterworldwide23 days ago

    German quality; something I've never seen

  • Santo domingo music
    Santo domingo musicMonth ago


  • andrew daley
    andrew daleyMonth ago

    That side impact into the steel frame work was very impressive you actually stand a chance of surviving. Andy England 🇬🇧👍

  • Kristian Johansson
    Kristian Johansson2 months ago

    Volvo is King of safety. Not Mercedes. Volvo use the most boron steel in the world

  • Kristian Johansson

    Kristian Johansson

    Month ago

    @george ibrahim Mercedes invented Mercedes 😁

  • george ibrahim

    george ibrahim

    Month ago

    Merc is better they invented almost everything

  • andrew daley

    andrew daley

    Month ago

    Only in certain parts of the vehicle. Andy England 🇬🇧👍

  • T S
    T S2 months ago

    0:18 Dumy is like WtF happend xD

  • Vitalij Hoppe
    Vitalij Hoppe3 months ago

    Mersedes scheise

  • fedegta
    fedegta3 months ago

    Crash banana

  • Lightning Farron
    Lightning Farron4 months ago

    This tank! Wow! It barely broke! 🤗

  • Mehmet Caliskan 1000
    Mehmet Caliskan 10008 months ago

    Perfect car but İ can't buy because very expensive for me so İ'm just türk

  • Mehmet Caliskan 1000

    Mehmet Caliskan 1000

    2 months ago

    @Lightning Farron Thanks for your feeling

  • Lightning Farron

    Lightning Farron

    2 months ago

    Sorry, man... I feel your pain...

  • W. Goebel
    W. Goebel8 months ago

    Didn’t even break the windows

  • David Holdener
    David Holdener8 months ago

    I defrosting

  • TheBillionaire CarsTV
    TheBillionaire CarsTV8 months ago

    If you are interested in amazing car videos, subscribe to this channel on MERCEDESBENZ and follow the most powerful and modern cars and amazing car videos 😊 💪

  • Roma Romanov
    Roma Romanov8 months ago


  • Lex
    Lex9 months ago


  • 1 Park
    1 Park9 months ago

    Such a beautiful car

    DIAMLER9 months ago

    CLAs are garbage. At least the first one was. Hope this one is better

  • george ibrahim

    george ibrahim

    Month ago

    Nah man the first is great

  • sv1jbf


    4 months ago

    Why? Joke?

  • Iron Mike
    Iron Mike9 months ago

    I’m so confused with these tests? You’re crashing a car at high speed any car will react the same

  • Mercedes-Benz.TheBest.


    8 months ago

    What is high speed for you? 200 Km/h? Yeah, in this case it wouldn't matter that much. But in 95% of the crashes, it definitely matters in which car you are sitting.

  • Karim Harissi
    Karim Harissi9 months ago

    Why don't they use basic models with no options ?

  • SIG


    9 months ago

    It factors into the crash considerably, especially the panoramic sunroof which shatters etc.

  • Ali Haloum
    Ali Haloum9 months ago


  • Lucas Nielsen
    Lucas Nielsen9 months ago

    That sunroof exploding tho.

  • triki ilyes
    triki ilyes9 months ago

    Air drift @2:04

  • Esmail Vlogs
    Esmail Vlogs9 months ago

    Best car in the world

  • Panzer Meyer
    Panzer Meyer9 months ago

    German engineering never fails!

  • PLK


    17 days ago

    *points at that big ass blimp that burnt to a crisp in 1937*

  • andrew daley

    andrew daley

    Month ago

    Try driving into a lorry in that on a motorway it will fail. I'm not saying it isn't impressive expecially how it handled the side on crash into steel. But some crashes are beyond survival unfortunately. Andy England 🇬🇧👍

  • Abin Tom Sebastian

    Abin Tom Sebastian

    Month ago

    It did on my friend. Why do you think I'm here?

  • Silent Reviews

    Silent Reviews

    4 months ago

    Lightning Farron that’s true

  • Lightning Farron

    Lightning Farron

    4 months ago

    @Silent Reviews Every car fails.

  • Dr Nasir Sagheer Hussain
    Dr Nasir Sagheer Hussain9 months ago

    Excellent safety & endurance!

  • yazkaz
    yazkaz9 months ago

    That's why I hate panoramic glass roof... just look at the side pole test The Worst... or NOTHING

  • george ibrahim

    george ibrahim

    Month ago

    You mean The best or nothing

  • Yorick Schotanus
    Yorick Schotanus9 months ago

    Now i know Why we need to Wait 10 months for the New car

  • Thot Slayer
    Thot Slayer9 months ago

    Why 😢

  • Nurzhan Bakubayev
    Nurzhan Bakubayev9 months ago

    Where 25% crash test

  • Natan Minardi
    Natan Minardi9 months ago

    German Tank!

  • Allan Ø.N.
    Allan Ø.N.9 months ago

    As a car lover... It kinda hurts looking at these kinda videos....

  • Brendan Stein

    Brendan Stein

    22 days ago

    As my profile pic says.... I think this is cruelty

  • george ibrahim

    george ibrahim

    Month ago

    Yea mee2

  • PFC Santamaria

    PFC Santamaria

    9 months ago

    God damn i need those rims, can they use the non amg rims, this hurts.

  • Allan Ø.N.

    Allan Ø.N.

    9 months ago

    @srinitaaigaura Certainly not.. U are right about that..

  • Allan Ø.N.

    Allan Ø.N.

    9 months ago

    @srinitaaigaura no.. sure don't want to get hurt.. but still..

  • Urbo Randma
    Urbo Randma9 months ago

    Ilus auto :) @enely

  • mastar pro
    mastar pro9 months ago

    plz give me this car

  • mastar pro

    mastar pro

    Month ago

    george ibrahim ok one off them for you

  • george ibrahim

    george ibrahim

    Month ago

    Mee too

  • Türkiye Komünist Naziler Derneği

    Türkiye Komünist Naziler Derneği

    3 months ago

    Euro Ncap: Ok

  • L H
    L H9 months ago

    Amazing how fast they fix it after each crash!

  • Patrick Lim

    Patrick Lim

    26 days ago

    German technology

  • BrateTebra123 t.z. Streptomicin za muski rod

    BrateTebra123 t.z. Streptomicin za muski rod

    8 months ago

    @N.K150 Russian from the balkan?? WTF are you talling about there is no such thing

  • N.K150


    8 months ago

    @BrateTebra123 t.z. Streptomicin za muski rod Nope he could be African, Berber, Russian from the balkans Mohammed is everywhere

  • BrateTebra123 t.z. Streptomicin za muski rod

    BrateTebra123 t.z. Streptomicin za muski rod

    9 months ago

    @Adrian Cernat he is an arab...

  • Kennedick Peterman

    Kennedick Peterman

    9 months ago

    @Julian Ibañez beer is not enough, give him a liter of pure alcohol.

  • SBR Oeuy
    SBR Oeuy9 months ago

    very good

  • Seven Rings
    Seven Rings9 months ago

    А маленький уродец из фольги не плох!

  • footballcoreano
    footballcoreano9 months ago

    mercedes benz=safest car in the world!

  • Pascal Krzeminski
    Pascal Krzeminski9 months ago

    Nothing special Usual protection for a MERCEDES-BENZ

  • Datsaintsan830 saints
    Datsaintsan830 saints9 months ago

    the cars arnt that lose

  • Dragos Gabriel
    Dragos Gabriel9 months ago


  • Tim RFS Aviation RFS
    Tim RFS Aviation RFS9 months ago

    Can you do the Vinfast lux a2.0 please

  • Tim RFS Aviation RFS

    Tim RFS Aviation RFS

    9 months ago

    Oh thats a shame

  • OxyGenVN


    9 months ago

    Euro NCAP only tests cars which sales in this market.

  • נתנאל ימין
    נתנאל ימין9 months ago


  • Dljan Duski
    Dljan Duski9 months ago


  • John Joju
    John Joju9 months ago

    Superb Please like

  • John Joju

    John Joju

    9 months ago

    @Markus Brandhuber okay

  • Markus Brandhuber

    Markus Brandhuber

    9 months ago

    No. Disliked.