Mercedes-Benz CLK 63 AMG Black Series Retro Review | Why it's the ultimate AMG

Watch our video review of the 2007 Mercedes-Benz CLK 63 AMG Black Series.
There’s been many shock and awe AMGs over the years, but few have hit quite as hard as the CLK63 AMG Black Series. Launched in 2007, AMG’s engineers took a ‘regular’ hot CLK and tuned it to within an inch of its life, instantly taking it from a BMW M3 alternative to a genuine rival for the Porsche 911 GT3.
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  • mk1600 GT
    mk1600 GT6 days ago

    I think it's a cool car, but I can't get over the design, it's not a bad design, I like it, but I associate it with clk 180/200 owners, old people most of the time

  • anonymous bosch
    anonymous bosch24 days ago

    4.32 errrr no... that’s exactly what they did. Obviously. Someone sign up the presenter for a skillshare on hyperbole.

  • N O
    N O26 days ago

    I think that the Mercedes CLK AMG was the backbone for AMG. There are lots of examples : clk dtm, clk black series and the mighty clk gtr

  • alphabetaxenonzzzcat
    alphabetaxenonzzzcatMonth ago

    Awesome car. Old white Stig and Clarkson both raved about it(indeed I think it’s Clarkson’s actual car used in this video). One of the last normally aspirated big volume V8s that AMG used to use. I think only 55 were made in right hand drive(Clarkson owned one and Simon Cowell owned another).

  • IJOHNWONG Aceron
    IJOHNWONG Aceron2 months ago

    This review of a mercedes amg is serious yet still enjoyable to watch because if how the presenter represents the cars attitude, its not boring GOOD ONE👌

  • CAR Magazine

    CAR Magazine

    2 months ago

    Glad you enjoyed!

  • GerryManning1
    GerryManning12 months ago

    The sound of that V8 😍😍

  • Tony Mantana
    Tony Mantana2 months ago

    Good presentation this car is fabulous

  • G. V. Q
    G. V. Q3 months ago

    It’s a very slippery car in the back end, there’s no getting away from that, the rear traction isn’t great.

  • Louis Scutti
    Louis Scutti3 months ago

    First time hearing Nipple in a car review. #respect

  • CAR Magazine

    CAR Magazine

    3 months ago

    We try to bring something different to the table.

  • Nkosinathi Ntanzi
    Nkosinathi Ntanzi4 months ago

    Good my man

  • botezatu andrei
    botezatu andrei4 months ago

    This car is not meant for you, bro

  • warnpassion
    warnpassion5 months ago

    This video earned you an instant subscription. Great car, review, reviewer and video. Well done.

  • CAR Magazine

    CAR Magazine

    5 months ago

    Thanks! Glad you appreciated the video. More of the good stuff on the way.

  • Ghost Recon
    Ghost Recon5 months ago

    Dude, you're driving up the price shhhhh.

  • CAR Magazine

    CAR Magazine

    5 months ago

    Our bad ;)

  • iamspyvspy
    iamspyvspy5 months ago

    i prefer the later c63 amg black

  • Benjamin M
    Benjamin M6 months ago

    Because it still has a real motor in it. Not a 4 banger.

  • Afonso Pais
    Afonso Pais7 months ago

    James Dennison, great review. Hope to see a lot more of your videos. Cheers!

  • CAR Magazine

    CAR Magazine

    6 months ago

    Glad you enjoyed it! More on the way ☺️

  • Jorge Chiu
    Jorge Chiu8 months ago

    Very dice review. It's very difficult to handle under rain. Can't turn off traction controll. But that's expected. No back seats on the coupe, I think it really was too much for what it saves in weight. It takes away the practicality for a weekend car. I made some removable custom ones. I like the lack of supercharged bullshit and there are easy to maintain. Not all that electronic bullshit. Just make shure your engine mounts are upgraded. I even used it with regular gas, and still performs well. Can't go wrong with these car, even today. Fun car.

  • Happyboy Pokemon
    Happyboy Pokemon8 months ago

    This is an amazing video and you should try the 2009 clk 63 it sounds amazing

  • Kemo Corovic
    Kemo Corovic8 months ago

    ko ti hljeba ti toči gorivo selam ?

  • alphabetaxenonzzzcat
    alphabetaxenonzzzcat9 months ago

    I think the “Black” was perhaps a reference to the black Amex card(Centurion). Keeping it exclusive.

  • alphabetaxenonzzzcat
    alphabetaxenonzzzcat9 months ago

    Both Clarkson and Simon Cowell owned a right hand drive versions in the U.K. Clarkson raged about it - he even said that the Stig(the one who revealed himself - white suited one) thought it was a good car. I think because it has a large bonnet, and the placement of the engine, it gives the car good balance. Downside - you need to have some cash to pay for the fuel bills! This thing is thirsty.

  • Anonymer Spieler
    Anonymer Spieler9 months ago

    Ich liebe dieses Auto, seitdem es erschienen ist. Fahre zur Zeit einen W209 200K, spare aber jeden Cent , um mir dieses wundervolle Auto kaufen zu können.

  • Rick W
    Rick W9 months ago


  • Mpho Ramudzwagi
    Mpho Ramudzwagi10 months ago

    I like this channel, guy is good

  • Judge Dredd
    Judge Dredd10 months ago

    I drive my 05 clk 55 amg like a maniac but I think it’s time for a Porsche. I’m looking

  • Mick Benson
    Mick Benson10 months ago

    Turbos ruined the German sports saloons

  • HoratioHoodoo
    HoratioHoodoo10 months ago

    Why review a 2007?

  • CAR Magazine

    CAR Magazine

    10 months ago

    Why not?

  • alphabetaxenonzzzcat
    alphabetaxenonzzzcat10 months ago

    The car that Clarkson once owned! I think he said that the former Stig liked it as well. Massive engine - to overcome its weight, and can actually go around corners. It’s utterly bonkers - there’s no rear seats for a start! It really is an iron fist in a velvet glove!

  • Benzinio
    Benzinio11 months ago

    41 Tesla owners disliked one of the greatest car ever made...

    AFCTOM GOONER11 months ago

    I have the W212 E63 with the 6.2 lump. It is as many say one if the best sounding AMG engines to ever be produced. I truly beast of an engine.

  • A
    A11 months ago

    Is this the best sounding mercedes engine?

  • far num
    far num11 months ago

    great car, but it's not a 997 rival by any means..

  • Alex LaJeunesse
    Alex LaJeunesse11 months ago

    Clarkson went gaga for this thing when it went on sale. He was right.

  • EntropyOfTime
    EntropyOfTime11 months ago

    has the same junk transmission as the rest of the junk clk and c class

  • dalar2
    dalar211 months ago

    This review was excellent.... the camera work, presenter and the CORRECT use of music at the right time - well done!

  • CAR Magazine

    CAR Magazine

    10 months ago

    Glad you enjoyed the video - don’t forget to subscribe for more ☺️

  • Princess Solace
    Princess Solace11 months ago

    Yeap!!! That is a CAR alrite!!👍✊✊

  • rudy gay
    rudy gay11 months ago

    This Cars main competitor was the Bmw e63 m6

  • MM 1
    MM 111 months ago

    Just saying that cars probably as old as the presenter

  • CAR Magazine

    CAR Magazine

    10 months ago

    Not quite! 😉

  • MM 1
    MM 111 months ago

    This was my favourite Mercedes back in the day

  • Jose Luis
    Jose Luis11 months ago

    Still the best sounding AMG engine to date. All these fucking turbo newer engines are nothing

  • Adam Zz
    Adam Zz11 months ago

    I need to drive clk 63 in autobahn germany not in america

  • tayo vincent
    tayo vincent11 months ago

    What about the CLK DTM for best CLK

  • Aaron ___
    Aaron ___11 months ago

    I remember seeing these as pace cars for formula 1 races back in the day

  • Lewis
    Lewis11 months ago

    This is the best looking Mercedes ever imo. Best sounding too.

  • Happyboy Pokemon

    Happyboy Pokemon

    8 months ago

    Lewis you should here mine

  • Cahal OBoyle
    Cahal OBoyle11 months ago

    OE08 ZFC originally owned by Jeremy Clarkson

  • Chris Tennant
    Chris Tennant11 months ago

    Correct me if I’m wrong but I’m sure that’s Clarkson’s old car

  • Jack sorsky

    Jack sorsky

    6 months ago

    yep his number 14 on top 50 cars of the last 20 years

  • Luuk Roper
    Luuk Roper11 months ago

    awesome, seriously nostalgic somehow

  • Joseph Costello
    Joseph Costello11 months ago

    Well done for the sound recording of the engine

  • CAR Magazine

    CAR Magazine

    10 months ago

    Glad you appreciated it - our director has always made a big effort to make the sound right.

  • HuneyBastard
    HuneyBastard11 months ago

    There’s something early 2000’s about the editing and cinematography that I love about this review. Fantastic content for a great timeless car!

  • CAR Magazine

    CAR Magazine

    10 months ago

    Glad you enjoyed the video ☺️

  • Chance
    Chance11 months ago

    WoW!! E-Class Coupe. Amazing V8 nice sound. I like it.

  • John S14a
    John S14a11 months ago

    James Dennison just keeps getting better. Very versatile reviewer.

  • CAR Magazine

    CAR Magazine

    10 months ago

    Thanks John!

  • mark fulton
    mark fulton11 months ago

    Awesome car ! Luv the revue .

  • Gringo
    Gringo11 months ago

    bro just by a normal car where the wheel is on the left side

  • Saud Qureshi
    Saud Qureshi11 months ago

    More like this please!

  • Jay Tookie
    Jay Tookie11 months ago

    Damn dude your hands look smaller than my feet. Lol just poking fun!! Love the review

  • CAR Magazine

    CAR Magazine

    10 months ago

    😂😂😂 Glad you enjoyed the video!

  • Clayton Brown
    Clayton Brown11 months ago

    The older AMG rims 😍

  • JustinsSupercars
    JustinsSupercars11 months ago

    I feel most people always forget about the CLK. It’s such a brilliant car. Also the CLK was pretty much the first car with the 6.2 liter V8 and had even more hp than a C63. Unfortunately most people don’t even know that a CLK63 exists.

  • archie jagoan
    archie jagoan11 months ago

    clarkson's car

  • Bees Wax
    Bees Wax11 months ago

    Glad this vid popped up! I’m subbed to Parkers channel but didn’t know about this one, struth! Lol that was funny not heard that word for years.

  • CAR Magazine

    CAR Magazine

    10 months ago

    Glad you’re enjoying the channels ☺️

  • Gilles Bestley
    Gilles Bestley11 months ago

    Very good review! But he’s wrong. The ‘essence’ of an AMG is the SL55 from early 2000s. 👍🏼

  • G. V. Q

    G. V. Q

    3 months ago

    Gilles Bestley to be honest, I prefer the 55 V8, I prefer the laggy, response and it feels more beefy