The 2019 Mercedes-Benz A220 is a Baby Benz Worthy of the 3-Pointed Star

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#MercedesBenz has always been one of those top prestige brands that showed off your success. About five years ago, the company introduced a new entry-level CLA class that didn't quite live up to the coveted 3-pointed star badge. For 2019, the #AClass is the new entry level Mercedes and the #MercedesBenzA220 is the least expensive way to get into a #Mercedes branded car. With a base price of around $32,500, this new #A220 may not start under 30k anymore, but most buyers will quickly notice that #Benz has learned a thing or two from their mistakes with the first generation #CLA.


  • Redline Reviews
    Redline ReviewsYear ago

    Happy Friday! We finally got our hands on the least expensive Mercedes-Benz in America. Its a huge step up from the first-generation CLA back in 2014. Expect a review on the 2020 CLA and GLB sometime in Dec but those of you looking at the A-Class will be pleasantly surprised... we certainly were! Mercedes is killing it these days.

  • R Wil

    R Wil

    5 months ago

    Mercedes-Benz should have added fog lights to the A220

  • Justice


    7 months ago

    How much is the price please

  • BLAt Bryan

    BLAt Bryan

    11 months ago

    Redline Reviews what’s the price

  • Alexander Hurley

    Alexander Hurley

    Year ago

    @Trespasser AMG Line with Night Package, Multimedia Package, Premium Package, all wheel drive. Purchased for 39K, not bad. That's about the price of a fully loaded Camry XLE Hybrid.

  • MrGumbwit


    Year ago

    Forgot to mention the Burmester sound system

  • Christopher Fitzpatrick
    Christopher Fitzpatrick3 days ago

    Can u remap them to 180 bhp x

  • Выпимши Выпимши
    Выпимши Выпимши19 days ago

    You speak like machine gun MG34 speak faster.

  • elenakurus2010
    elenakurus2010Month ago

    Thank you

  • Brian
    BrianMonth ago

    It's such a shame that Mercedes has opted to put their R&D money towards adding tech features and aesthetics to their cars instead of putting it purely into materials, build quality and solid drivetrains. Sit in a benz from the early to mid 2000s and then sit in a new one. The new one will have all the gear you expect from a modern car, but it doesn't feel nearly as well made. Doesn't feel like will hold up to the years the way some of their older cars could. Great video, it's still an awesome car.

  • Jay Quezada
    Jay Quezada2 months ago

    I didn’t mind it till I saw the dual suade and leather seats. .... hell no never 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Devon Delgado
    Devon Delgado2 months ago

    7/10 for longevity?? I don’t think so

  • eazy14
    eazy142 months ago

    This car has the best design Mercedes has ever created for an A Class ! İts amazing, I ordered it and will get it in 2 months, cant wait 😊

  • Kannika Jumkui

    Kannika Jumkui

    2 months ago

    @eazy14 That’s amazing!!! Yes, I’m thinking about buying this car too and try to figure out how much it would cost after adding all options 😊 I also wanted to do a lease as well and it will be my first car 😊

  • eazy14


    2 months ago

    @Kannika Jumkui yes almost full optional, I only did not select Burmester Sound System, Head Up Display and electric Seat control. Besides that I clicked on everything I could see 😁 you think to buy it too ? Ive seen a test where this car really did 100km just with one charge !!! Thats amazing isnt it ? He did not use the air conditioning and drove with 120 km/h at maximum...

  • Kannika Jumkui

    Kannika Jumkui

    2 months ago

    @eazy14 Full optional

  • eazy14


    2 months ago

    @Kannika Jumkui full loaded ?

  • Kannika Jumkui

    Kannika Jumkui

    2 months ago

    @eazy14 Thank you so much for your quick answer 😊 Another question, was it a full loaded?

  • Ed Bredin
    Ed Bredin2 months ago

    Great review Fella

  • Milton Tan
    Milton Tan2 months ago

    Perfect for my French bulldog 🐕

    JASMINE POPE2 months ago


  • bleulune belle
    bleulune belle3 months ago

    ju$t got me th 2020 yr model and it looks exactly like the 2910?? so... wt was the upgrade?

  • Devin Lee

    Devin Lee

    2 months ago

    Pretty much the same. Just got the 2021 yesterday. The ambient lighting is now included. Not necessary but cool to have. I like that you can adjust the brightness too!

  • casualsuede
    casualsuede3 months ago

    Yeah...I'll just get the new kia k5 and save 10-15k. Getting the cheapest mercedes is not a status symbol.

  • Adam
    Adam3 months ago

    i would rather buy a used Lexus CT over this....

  • Allen Glint
    Allen Glint3 months ago

    Gay car

  • Jonathan Valdez
    Jonathan Valdez3 months ago

    I would rather get 500,000 vc

  • Tawana Williams
    Tawana Williams3 months ago

    I'm looking also at the 230i BMW it is convertible a little more than this same size

  • ALB Spotter
    ALB Spotter4 months ago

    i'm gonna call this car the "C-Series" now

  • Raymond Lo
    Raymond Lo4 months ago

    31:41 I lost it when it says it's reliable...

  • Nething
    Nething4 months ago

    so when are u going to drive dude?

  • Vinny Todd
    Vinny Todd4 months ago

    Nice options.

  • Jaquii mendoza
    Jaquii mendoza5 months ago

    I currently drive a 2017 Honda Accord sport, but now I really really want one of these

  • Jaquii mendoza
    Jaquii mendoza5 months ago

    I got a 2017 Honda Accord sport, but now I really want one of these 😫😅

  • Katie Hunt
    Katie Hunt5 months ago

    It needs to have LEATHER seats to be a real luxury car. Geez. It's not even an option!

  • Scott Graham
    Scott Graham5 months ago

    Do not buy this car people my 16 plate A class piston snapped this year despite always being serviced at the manufacturer garage. Mercedes made me front up costs towards a new engine and refused to cover 100%. Shocking brand that only care about their sale and nothing after that

  • jacob Epstein
    jacob Epstein5 months ago

    I hate the start stop cars its annoying

  • Destructor2435 Gaming
    Destructor2435 Gaming5 months ago

    Does this actually have a dual clutch or single clutch

  • Noah Weiss
    Noah Weiss6 months ago

    Nice review

  • dvxsffhhj sattar
    dvxsffhhj sattar6 months ago

    I got a Mercedes Benz is a black

  • Chulina Vin
    Chulina Vin7 months ago

    My old hoe just bought a Benz I don't really want no friends

  • AB
    AB7 months ago

    another german chrysler😤

  • kenneth matthews
    kenneth matthews7 months ago

    Money pit not worth

  • Leonardo Carrillo Najera
    Leonardo Carrillo Najera7 months ago

    Just got My A class about a month ago, i fucken love it 🥺❤️

  • Hydra Nation
    Hydra Nation7 months ago

    New dream car!

  • Sandra cooper
    Sandra cooper7 months ago

    Looking like a wide back Honda coming down the street with the face of a charger....😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Tommy
    Tommy7 months ago

    dude that head up display smoke!

  • Joshua Sankar
    Joshua Sankar7 months ago

    hard pass, JDM for life

  • Jarmal timberland
    Jarmal timberland7 months ago

    Do u have any issues as yet with this car?

  • Sage B
    Sage B7 months ago

    I would love it if you guy reviewed the base models too just so we can see the differences

  • Hi Jay
    Hi Jay7 months ago

    Omg you live in falls church my home town!

  • destiny gamer
    destiny gamer7 months ago

    That car is only worth $36,000 38,000 at best with all those options especially with the fact that the motor is not even that powerful I can understand if it was the AMG at 50,000 with all those options included it okay fine with motor no way that's ridiculous

  • EYEDIGITAL Studios
    EYEDIGITAL Studios7 months ago

    i bought it in september 2019 and i would buy it again. beautiful car!

  • S Smith

    S Smith

    23 days ago

    Me as well!

  • Agbabi Angela

    Agbabi Angela

    4 months ago

    Thank You!

  • Alesis Rokete
    Alesis Rokete8 months ago

    Mercedes have been over valuing their vehicles in the North American market the last 10 years. This includes their Vans as well, which never had any competition and now has quite a few. You're right about MB options, they give you nothing to start, and you have to pay 30-40% more to get something worthwhile.

  • Charles Talleyrand
    Charles Talleyrand8 months ago

    Mercedes A class... designed by techno listening, techno-light obsessed tweens

  • Devin Lee

    Devin Lee

    2 months ago


  • crazydaysful
    crazydaysful8 months ago

    Too much computer ran items basically a computer on wheels

  • Edward
    Edward8 months ago

    Why buy this car for 50k when you can buy a Lexus ES F sport for only a few grand more and get more horsepower, standard safety features, better reliability, and it the bigger than an e class...

  • Edward Robinson
    Edward Robinson8 months ago

    This is a great car. I purchased mine about a month ago. I love it.

  • Kaidude1234 Hasan Sarfaraz
    Kaidude1234 Hasan Sarfaraz8 months ago

    22:42 the homeless guy sees the mercedes and walks over

  • Joseph Kormylo
    Joseph Kormylo8 months ago

    Honestly such a bargain, like yes good materials are sparse in the car and yes you need to add the premium package for all the nice stuff but for only 2.5k more you get that? That’s a very good deal if u ask me, it’s really all u need package wise, and this car has a much more premium feel at night when surrounded by all the goodies compared to an a3 or 2 series. I know it sounds dumb but those screens and lighting genuinely upgrade the experience - an Alfa Romeo owner

  • Lee Cortez
    Lee Cortez8 months ago

    Do they sell those shorts in men's size or just kids?

  • OfficialwolffAristide
    OfficialwolffAristide8 months ago

    I believe that

  • OfficialwolffAristide
    OfficialwolffAristide8 months ago

    Will buy this in like a week

  • Daniel Zhu
    Daniel Zhu8 months ago

    best car ever, i choice tesla model 3

  • Damaine Mitchell
    Damaine Mitchell8 months ago

    I wish I had one on Mercedes Benz is full I'll go to sleep in it vendor in it all types of stuff

  • Sangat Singh
    Sangat Singh9 months ago

    My 2019 accord also has lane changing so I’m not sure what you meant by other vehicles mot having it.

  • Sangat Singh

    Sangat Singh

    8 months ago

    Snakeyes11123 it has lane keep assist and lane changing

  • Snakeyes11123


    8 months ago

    Sangat Singh Lane keep assist? My 2019 Elantra has it too, annoys me to no end

  • RL Agito
    RL Agito9 months ago

    if only the germs would stop making disposable cars they would own everyone with their styling. but they just wont, will they. because no demand for long lasting german cars?

  • Troy McCullough
    Troy McCullough9 months ago

    Love your vids man...

  • Ivan
    Ivan9 months ago

    Guys, any thoughts for the A180 Progressive? or thoughts on reliability of entry level Mercs when compared to its competition? planning to buy one as my first car. I'm also considering 2019 Lexus IS350 F Sport

  • Robert Ortega
    Robert Ortega9 months ago

    It’s ok I rather keep driving my 07 Paid off Prius

  • Brian Sanders
    Brian Sanders9 months ago

    People got to understand this is Mercedes Benz, not Hyundai....😏

  • Boxing enthusiast
    Boxing enthusiast9 months ago

    You look like chubaca

  • Juan Valdez
    Juan Valdez9 months ago

    Does this model have garage door opener feature?

  • Frankky Hernandez
    Frankky Hernandez9 months ago

    Really bad car got a 2019 a220 brand new had it for one month then went bad the dealer give me another one same model price and that one had the same issue we end up getting are money back from lemon law!!! Don’t get this car!!!!

  • Frankky Hernandez

    Frankky Hernandez

    9 months ago

    VideoHobbyist is pretty good looking and amazing interior but it was a pain is the ass for 4 months

  • Frankky Hernandez

    Frankky Hernandez

    9 months ago

    VideoHobbyist many things the airbag, the break assist and some more codes that I’m not sure what it was

  • VideoHobbyist


    9 months ago

    Franco Hernandez what was wrong with the car? I’m interested in getting one but need more info from your experience

  • DavidFitness718
    DavidFitness7189 months ago

    Beautiful car

  • Xiaotong Li
    Xiaotong Li10 months ago

    why paying $30K when you can get a W221 S63/65 AMG?

  • GrrMeister
    GrrMeister10 months ago

    *You are being robbed blind in the US, £24k in the UK fully kitted.*

  • CameroTV
    CameroTV10 months ago

    I went to go take a look and this car was terrible. The dash is confusing...the vents are hideous and some of the interior plastics are literally 2007 Dodge. I got a certified used CLA. Don’t let this fool you...a used CLA is a far better option.

  • Shahaan Saleem
    Shahaan Saleem10 months ago

    Just get a Tesla bro

  • Lyle Grandersom
    Lyle Grandersom10 months ago

    Ghey ride brah

  • Matthew 6:33
    Matthew 6:3310 months ago

    Less power than a 1,5 turbo civic si

  • Toa Malox
    Toa Malox10 months ago

    *Ralsei wants to know your location*

  • Serious Sam
    Serious Sam10 months ago

    What's the point of paying 50 grand for a compact sedan, when you could buy a new Chevy Impala or a used Lexus LS for less?

  • Keith Rogers
    Keith Rogers10 months ago

    I’m pretty sure you get the stitched dashboard and door panels when you build it with the upgraded leather seating.

  • Wayne Christopher
    Wayne Christopher11 months ago

    So, we're imitating the Doug Score now?

  • gamersetc.
    gamersetc.11 months ago

    I love mercedes but too worried about the reliability. You could get an extended warranty that's the only way I could see this being worth it. Also when it's at least 3 years old and 20k off its msrp😂

  • Mike Maha-Su
    Mike Maha-Su11 months ago

    Cuz of Front wheel drive. Ummmmm..I wont buy this.

  • Heyy It's KT!
    Heyy It's KT!11 months ago

    This is a used car lease ...not to be purchased or even brand new lease, to lease this car used (

  • king Jaffe
    king Jaffe11 months ago

    Lol I grown ass man should not own this car I rather buy a used S550 2014 on up for the for the same price way way better bargain and car if not cheaper lmao only a 16 year old kid in high school should own this small and not so cheap Benz smh.

  • Radi0he4d1
    Radi0he4d111 months ago

    When you have Camry money but want to flex

  • Syed Haq
    Syed Haq11 months ago

    Wow almost $50k Geez for this tiny car.. I'd rather spend money on Korean cars and get good reliability, technology and warranty!!! Overall a great review from THE great!!!!

  • Danial Khan
    Danial Khan11 months ago

    This is still not cheap lol. Don't think this is a budget car like other manufactures are offering.

  • Orlando Hogan
    Orlando Hogan11 months ago

    I like that you are giving auto ratings. Very well done.

  • Sokun Vee
    Sokun Vee11 months ago

    So gorgeous

  • Troy Richardson
    Troy Richardson11 months ago

    This was smart. Create a false option, just to encourage the upsale to a real Mercedes. Once you get to what's in a higher model, the price point for this model doesn't make sense anymore.

  • Commenter McCommentFace
    Commenter McCommentFace11 months ago

    Right this second, you can buy a 2017 AMG C43 or a 2016 S550 for the same price as this car. Give me a break 😂😂

  • Derek Wright
    Derek WrightYear ago

    Almost $18,000 in options? FFS. That's absolutely insane for what you're getting

  • Quang Lam
    Quang LamYear ago

    Yikes! $50k as tested. Insane. Need for speed should be 2.

  • k9keo
    k9keoYear ago

    Looks like a revised Mitsubishi Lancer front end with a Toyota Corolla rear end 👻

  • Terry Rodbourn
    Terry RodbournYear ago

    Yes it should have Fog Lights for that price!

  • Shamar Coke
    Shamar CokeYear ago

    Is it worth it though

  • 日産スカイライン
    日産スカイラインYear ago

    "It feels like you got the more expensive Mercedes Benz." - Sofyan. Saying that while reviewing a 50K Mercedes Benz that has 188HP makes it an expensive car.

  • Jose Luis
    Jose LuisYear ago

    Made in Mexico. 🤔

  • Alex Sosna
    Alex SosnaYear ago

    Lol that awkward moment with the panhandler

  • Bobby Travis
    Bobby TravisYear ago

    this is perfect.

  • Gmail Account
    Gmail AccountYear ago

    I love this car , they made the piller closer to ur face so people done stare at you , fuccin genius

  • MetroSB
    MetroSBYear ago

    German luxury brands reign are coming to a end. Sure back in the 2000s the quality and luxury dynamics were way ahead of the Japan, American, Korean competition. BUT, now a days every competitor is offering significantly equal value or more for the fraction of the cost. Th only thing that differentiates these cars now is the BRAND.

  • Josh F

    Josh F

    Year ago

    MetroSB Have to agree somewhat with this. Many of the brands that no one would even sneeze at back in the day like, Hyundai, have made significant strides in innovation and technology for a fraction of the costs. A Mercedes will always be a Mercedes, however they’ve made the brand more accessible to those who dreamed of owning one, but it was beyond their budget. The tech in this car is certainly very impressive, but with more tech comes more chances of repair issues as the car ages. Some brands however chose to sacrifice “the latest and greatest” in exchange for better reliability. Simple design, greater reliability. Toyota operates under the motto “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. They don’t make drastic tech changes to their vehicles or engines. Yes, cosmetically Toyota has changed, but the inner workings of their cars remain mostly the same. I can undesertand some of the comments for this post that some of the more reliable brands feel dated. But trying to compare a toyota or honda to a mercedes, is like comparing apples to pineapples. Both fruits, but vastly different in taste and look.

  • Onur Gunes
    Onur GunesYear ago

    Mercedes is really stunning

  • Farmer Gold
    Farmer GoldYear ago

    The interior is absolutely beautiful!! Best I've ever seen

  • Mangu
    ManguYear ago

    Most popular Benz in the hood.

    CURLY _HEAD_NARA BYear ago

    mmmm i like it