2020 Mercedes-Benz GLC Facelift Review | First Drive | Autocar India

The GLC is one of the best-selling Mercedes-Benz cars in India and that's because of its winning formula of luxury and comfort at an attractive price. Since its launch, however, many new rivals emerged, overtaking the GLC, and now there's an updated version that promises to bring it back to the front lines. Jay Patil drives the Mercedes-Benz GLC Facelift to see what's new.
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  • Kabir S.
    Kabir S.2 months ago

    The worst mercedes glc ever designed! 👎🏽

  • Dr Farhan Shaikh
    Dr Farhan Shaikh2 months ago

    I bought Petrol version GLC 2020 model in March 2020 in India. Since then it’s been twice that “low engine oil” alarm came and I had to send to workshop fir top up of engine oil !! I escalated the matter to Mercedez Benz India team. They are investigating the matter. Right now car is in workshop and they are suspecting engine oil leak issue. Are other customers of Petrol Version or Diesel Version or GLC year 2020 mode also facing the same issue ? Pls email me at farhanshaikh74@gmail.com

  • Yusuf Shariff
    Yusuf Shariff3 months ago

    Mercedes GLC is a good car but as good in off-roading as compare to it’s rivals

  • Virajsinh Rathod
    Virajsinh Rathod3 months ago

    Which would be a better buy? BS6 diesel 4matic or newly launched 2wd petrol? Pls guide.

  • abhisek kashyap
    abhisek kashyap4 months ago

    What is the services cost

  • Alka Rao
    Alka Rao5 months ago

    I think so when mb. will launch GLB in India it will eat the sales of GLC



    5 months ago

    I don’t think so because glc will have a lot more features technology and resell value etc So yeah

  • Alka Rao
    Alka Rao5 months ago

    Will Mercedes bring the 300d variant to india? Which it did with the c class.

  • Avinash Gowda
    Avinash Gowda6 months ago

    Lolzz... Looks very small.. Renault duster looks..

  • V Hash
    V Hash7 months ago

    Please sort out that hideous bumper, the Indian costumers pay more than the European and American market. AMG trim levels should be the norm, ford endeavour or fortuner better value for money.

  • bhavana barhate
    bhavana barhate8 months ago

    It is a copy of eqc merc

  • tapasvi lingesh
    tapasvi lingesh10 months ago

    I checked the previous version out and went for a XC60, I have a 2017 E220d also. For the price I paid for my cars in India, I could get a Range Rover Vogue 3.0 and S350d fully loaded in UK. Mercedes and BMW really rip the customers off big time here compared to US and UK. I’m appalled as to why a GLC300d or the previous GLK wasn’t available here. They would definitely be better than X3 and Q5. X3 and Q5 also don’t have the powerful versions here, they have only the 2.0l diesel version and it’s priced ridiculously high.

  • Utsav Bhayani

    Utsav Bhayani

    8 months ago

    Its not the car companies but the government that's ripping us with ludicrously high taxes. And then, you have to pay ludicrously high taxes on fuel as well. Welcome to india!

  • Tejas gowda
    Tejas gowda10 months ago

    For that money ,u can go for Audi

  • Nishith S
    Nishith S10 months ago

    Not very fond of the new suv design language adopted by mercedes. Its too timid and soft on the edges, same is the case with the new GLS too.

  • Subhodeep Dey

    Subhodeep Dey

    3 months ago

    Glad , someone shares the same thought

  • Dhruv Singla
    Dhruv Singla10 months ago

    The spare wheel is full sized or a space saver ??

  • Dhirender Kumar
    Dhirender Kumar10 months ago

    in future we will feel power always from a DC motor

  • Jon
    Jon10 months ago

    When will they bring the AMG brand to India??

  • Ashwin Achu
    Ashwin Achu10 months ago

    Instead of buying this people may consider about amg gla 4 matic which is really an sexy looking car

  • cbrcoder
    cbrcoder10 months ago

    Present generation GLC has more road presence. This "facelift" has made it like a crossover then a "SUV" look :(

  • Swarnendu Munshi

    Swarnendu Munshi

    10 months ago

    A hatchback on steroids

  • DToxB
    DToxB10 months ago

    I really hate companies when they cut corners in features for the Indian version despite costing significantly higher than what they cost abroad.

  • Anil Nair
    Anil Nair10 months ago

    GLB better

  • Largest Kashung
    Largest Kashung10 months ago

    is amg version of this model available in india?

  • Francisco Fernandes
    Francisco Fernandes10 months ago

    Paying twice the price than Americans for this car and you still dont get 10 inch dual display full digital is no buy to me.

  • Muhammed Aboobacker
    Muhammed Aboobacker10 months ago

    Beautiful car

  • kunal meena
    kunal meena10 months ago

    GLC is surely X1's rival, not X3 and its segment. Glc for x1, gle for x5 , gls for x7.

  • Amod Bhanushali

    Amod Bhanushali

    10 months ago

    GLA rivals the X1 since they're based on their brands' entry level cars (A Class and 1 Series). GLC = X3, GLE = X5, GLS = X7 :)

  • Ne Mit

    Ne Mit

    10 months ago

    It's X1~ GLA, X3~GLC, so on and so forth.

  • sarang u

    sarang u

    10 months ago

    if you sit in both cars you'll realize what it compares with. X1 and GLC are not in the same league. The GLA can be compared with X1.

  • Mahesh Murali

    Mahesh Murali

    10 months ago

    No x3 and glc both cost around 60-68lac

  • Rishab Singh

    Rishab Singh

    10 months ago

    Compare the dimensions of glc and x3, may change your opinion.

  • Radheys Couture
    Radheys Couture10 months ago

    it's nice but not worth in india due to it's cost please like👇👇👌👇👇

  • Radheys Couture

    Radheys Couture

    10 months ago

    @Kalyan PM shut up stupid

  • Kalyan PM

    Kalyan PM

    10 months ago

    I dont care about the value proposition when I buy a Merc. Its more than just that.

  • Arunodoy Chaudhuri

    Arunodoy Chaudhuri

    10 months ago

    nope no like

  • Rajiv Ram

    Rajiv Ram

    10 months ago

    its a expensive car in USA also...you cant expect cheap cars from MB...

  • Farhaan Kazi
    Farhaan Kazi10 months ago

    The pre facelift GLC looks much better 💯

  • Naman


    10 months ago


  • Yours Abhisek
    Yours Abhisek10 months ago

    Rather than German car it's looking like Chinese design.

  • nima Chaudhary
    nima Chaudhary10 months ago

    2O2O gla plz

  • Swayam. Manerkar.20
    Swayam. Manerkar.2010 months ago

    Much better than other cars in this segment

  • Mr Aryan

    Mr Aryan

    4 months ago

    @Rohit but not comfortable like this beast glc

  • Rohit


    10 months ago

    I think the X3 looks and feels better.

  • Cityzen Rony
    Cityzen Rony10 months ago

    On road Delhi price?



    9 months ago

    62 lakhs for glc 200 67.5 lakhs for glc 220d Ex-showroom price 52.75 lakhs

  • Иванна Иванов

    Иванна Иванов

    10 months ago


  • Rs123


    10 months ago

    sourav rony 1.5 crore

  • Tushar Jamdade
    Tushar Jamdade10 months ago

    GLC is good but in India and looking at Indian cumbersome roads and affordability there should be GLA update. Hope that star might bring mandatory stars in India ASAP.

  • ET OYT
    ET OYT10 months ago

    nice any suggestions for best suv ? under 50 L and under 25l ?

  • Electro


    7 months ago

    Mercedes Benz GLA for under 50 L and Jeep Compass and Honda civic for under 25 L

  • Akshay Bagul

    Akshay Bagul

    10 months ago


  • Mr. Phenom

    Mr. Phenom

    10 months ago

    Under 50L - Skoda Kodiaq Under 25L - XUV 500

  • Mahesh Murali

    Mahesh Murali

    10 months ago

    Fortuner facelift or new audi q3

  • Nitin Kumar

    Nitin Kumar

    10 months ago

    Jeep compass best SUV under 25lac.

  • Keeru Designs
    Keeru Designs10 months ago


  • Soumitra Ray
    Soumitra Ray10 months ago

    Why w'd u go fr GLC whn u cn get new GLE... At dis price point buyers wont mind spending 10-15 lacs more...

  • Srinivasan Engimuri

    Srinivasan Engimuri

    7 months ago

    I own GLC previous version and also I have test driven GLE I feel GLE is heavier than GLC for that reason GLE lacks acceleration of GLC also the suspension is not that soft as GLC. I love GLC have been riding in it for 3 years now.

  • Amod Bhanushali

    Amod Bhanushali

    10 months ago

    Almost a 25L difference if you compare new GLC to new GLE (coming later in 2020). Same with previous generation. Also the cars are very different from driving pov. We bought the previous gen GLC because it's more drivable in the city. GLE drives like a small bus lol

  • VIV___13


    10 months ago

    Not going with you in this case 10-15 lac may not be an issue but that increase also effect the tax a lot especially in India

  • cbrcoder


    10 months ago

    You know these cars always have about 10lacs discount after initial launch period. And 50lac vs 70lac is a big difference even in this category. I am looking currently to buy a premium SUV for 50lacs and 20lac additional is big difference for me (for no perceived benefit). Had GLE come with 7 seats then it would have made a case for me to stretch. This "stretch" business has no end, you could argue the same about from GLE to GLS with only more 10-20lacs.

  • Girish Kumar

    Girish Kumar

    10 months ago

    Yes but the gle bs6 version isnt launched yet. And when its launched, the price difference will be much more. At least 20 for sure.

  • Kapil Gund
    Kapil Gund10 months ago

    Better than X3, Q3 and Range Rover Evoque. Wew first comment!



    10 months ago

    No it compares against the x3

  • ackyash


    10 months ago

    GLC competes with X3 and Q5 and LR Discovery Sport GLA with Q3 and X1 and maybe Evoque GLE with X5 and Q7 and RR sports

  • Rohit


    10 months ago

    @Rigraj pathak It does compete against X3 at the price of around 50-60 lakh while the X1 is priced around 35-45 lakhs. The GLA competes against the X1. And Both the X1 and X3 are better than Merc.

  • Raviraj Minawala

    Raviraj Minawala

    10 months ago

    @Rigraj pathak fyi it competes with the x3,evoque and q3. X1 competes with the gla and xc40..

  • Piyush Pahwa

    Piyush Pahwa

    10 months ago

    Rigraj pathak it does compete with x3. Gle competes with x5 and x7 with gls. X1 is a gla rival.

  • Pragatish
    Pragatish10 months ago

    Hellooo AUTOCAR

    ABHIRAM S.A10 months ago

    First comment